Winter and spring were mild and wet, to such a point that 30 years earlier, fungi like dawny mildew, mildew and grey rot would have badly affected the crop. During the blooming, the conditions were again difficult : there was some « coulure » (poor flower fecondation, so fewer grapes and often irregular ripening within each cluster).

The summer was dry, but the véraison was spread out. Luckily autumn was ideal, favoring good ripening of the grapes. It was possible to pick over a long period because the weather stayed perfect, thus the grapes were quite ripe.

Young, the wines were very well-structured, with firm tannins and good acidity, which assure them a long future. They are now nearing their peak, their tannins are softened, and they have developed a very beautiful bouquet. Overall, they are in the style of great traditional Margaux wines.




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