The flowering, which occurred under condition of exceptional heat and dryness (as high as 34 °C between June 15-18), placed this vintage under the best auspices, in spite of being one week later than in 1995. A cool August (on an average, 2 °C. cooler than the norm for this season) and especially wet, delayed maturation, thus jeopardising hopes for fully ripe and healthy grapes at the time of the harvest. The end of August and the beginning of September were encouraging, with a cool and dry weather.
Vineyards on good land, well drained, with low yields, could be harvested in optimum conditions.
At Château POUGET, the harvest was from September 26. To October 15. and the grapes were able to wrest all the vintage’s potential. The wine is very dark, supple, chewy with fine and powerful tannins that certainly will assure long aging.



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